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Ragdoll Cat Breeders Ohio - Ragdoll kittens in Ohio


About Blue-Gem Siamese & Radollcat Breeders...


I have 20 plus years experience in breeding in the dog and cat fancy. Small hobby breeder with just two breeding queens. I love the Siamese & Ragdoll cat, and we do everything possible to leave a positive mark, breeding for the betterment of the breed.


I believe in breeding from sound healthy foundations. We focus primarily on preserving and improving the health of the Siamese & Ragdoll bloodlines. Carefully researching to find lines that are pure, sound and healthy, and work to ensure vigor and health.


I began breeding Siamese in early 1990. Currently we are enjoying showing and exhibiting our Siamese & Ragdolls in the cat fancy with the goals of producing sound well balanced healthy cats. Coming from a background of breeding working dogs, balance, form and function has always been my mainstay in my breeding program. This philosophy holds true for our cats as well.


My goal is never to see how many kittens we can produce or how many champions we can have our name on, but to produce a sound well-balanced healthy cat. It's always

been our goal.




More about Blue-Gem Siamese & Ragdolls...


My experience as a dog handler & trainer with Therapy Dog International, breeder, exhibitor for dogs and cats, dog rescue coordinator, veterinary medical assistant.

All these experience have given me a unique background and perspective on breeding and handling animals. It's these experiences that have led me to the ideals and value of our breeding program today.


Breeders of the top winning Mastiff female of all time! I have been breeding and showing Mastiffs under the kennel name of Ironclad Mastiffs for over 20 years. Breeder of record breaking Mastiffs, multiple National Specialty winners and Best in show winning Mastiffs. Recipients of the 2008 Orthopedic Foundation Animals Champion Award. Specially proud of this award from the time, years, and dedication it took; to not only breed a beautiful animal that broke all the records for the breed, but that also produced five star health tested National winning and multiple Best in Show, Best in Specialty Show winning offspring.


I have shown our Siamese in several club associations see our Siamese Show Cats.

Our Siamese cats have been featured on Animals Planted Cats 101.


Coastie, the Coast Guard Safety Dog…

The story of Coastie starts with our pet Mastiff a registered therapy dog we had named Promise.


Promise had an injury as a puppy and I was told she would never be able to show - but I knew there is much more to a dog than any show title and I had to find what that was.

I personally trained Promise to earn her Canine Good Citizen Test (CGC certification) and (TDI certification) with Therapy Dog International, Inc.  

We started visiting nursing homes and we met with much enthusiasm by the residents. Still looking and thinking of ways to share with the world the great gift our dog had, we came up with a educational safety program which was devised to help keep kids safe through the use of the Promise (aka Coastie) and a new coloring book. The program became a big hit and was eventually picked up by the Coast Guard and the Coastie Coloring Books are now available worldwide - just go to download a copy.

The program was also introduced at the Boston Children's museum as part of the museum's "Boats Afloat" exhibit. Promise never did earn her Champion title from the AKC, but she did earn the love and respect of everyone who knew her and she taught me so much about life. Promise is no longer with us. She has passed over the rainbow bridge into doggie heaven and we still miss her very much.

Chris Alexander visiting a local nursing home with Promise. 
Promise was trained by Mary Alexander and received her 
Canine Good Citizen Test (CGC certification) and
(TDI certification) with Therapy Dog International, Inc. 





Ragdoll cats for sale in Ohio



Blue-Gem Ragdoll Cat breeders Location...


We are located 30 miles East of Cincinnati, Ohio. Hour and half from Columbus Ohio.

Kentucky Ragdoll kittens, Ohio Ragdoll kittens, Indiana Ragdoll kittens.

For Ragdoll kittens - Visit our Ragdoll Cat Breeders Website www.ragdoll-breeder.com





Blue-Gem: Massachusetts Siamese Cat Breeder


Mary Alexander


 Ragdoll kittens for sale in Ohio

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